We are a STEM friendly school

Obermenzinger Gymnasium has been officially acknowledged a STEM friendly school since November 23, 2018.

"STEM" stands for "Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics". Those fields are extremely important.

In order to become STEM friendly, schools have to include the continuous expansion of a digital infrastructure and the use of new technologies in the classroom, as well as intensification of scientific topics. Furthermore, the school offers robotics courses in addition to computer science lessons, cross-class biological projects, an extra hour of math per week, courses for the European Computer Driver’s License (ECDL), to name just a few examples of what a STEM-friendly school looks like.

Here is a very brief overview of our STEM activities:


STEM representatives

Christiane Rehm, Dr. Jennifer Holzhaider


STEM focus

  • Comprehensive IT education for many years


STEM subjects

  • Math, Biology, Physics (grades 8 through 12), Chemistry (grades 9 through 12), Astrophysics (grades 11 through 12)
  • 6 periods of Natural Science courses
  • 5 periods of Math per week (one period added)


Additional STEM offerings beyond the standard course

  • ECDL-Base certification (6th–7th grade)
  • ABIplus® with basic information technology training
  • Revision courses: chemistry, mathematics
  • Participation in the kangaroo test
  • Participation in the olympic math games
  • Participation in the nationwide geography competition
  • Genetics internship at LMU / Munich (11th grade)
  • Cross-disciplinary and cross-class excursions on STEM topics
  • Astrophysics
  • Projects: MykoSAT, 2012–2014; EUSOLA - European Solidarity in Action 2010/12 (BSCW project platform); Water (2016/17); Nutrition and cafeteria (2017/18)
  • IQUEM, since 2013 (integrated quality, environmental and energy management system) long-term project of the Obermenzinger Gymnasium
  • Munich Climate Fall
  • School garden work shop, herbaria
  • Robotics work shop
  • PC workshop


Participation of parents in STEM projects

  • Parents support organization and help facilitate
  • Financial support if necessary


Career choice orientation

  • Information on STEM studies and professional profiles

Co-operation with universities, employment agencies and alumnis

Professional STEM training for teachers (energy, digitalization, climate)