Pedagogical Principles of the Münchner Schulstiftung – Ernst v. Borries –


On February 18, 2009 the school foundation and the board of trustees agreedto the following principals and added them to the foundations by-laws.

Respect for the dignity of the individual shapes the life in the schoolsof the Münchner Schulstiftung.

A relationship based on trust provides the basis for friendly and respectful dealings with one another. The right to be heard and tounderstand the reasons behind pedagogical are essential for an atmosphere of security, which alone makes fear free learning and successpossible.

Since accomplishments strengthen our character, the schools of theMünchner Schulstiftung cultivate performance and motivation of theindividual in accordance to their abilities and faculties.

The directors provide the teaching staff impulses and suggestions inorder for them to acquire a variety of didactic methods and educational options and use them in their lessons.

The aim of creating an European awareness and a deep insight intothe global significance of European values and peace framework underlies all subjects and promote through relevant projects a dedicationof the European ideal.

Beyond the subject matter taught, a cultural education is expected ofthe students, making them aware of the connection of their ownnationality to European culture.

Educating the students about a healthy and value oriented life, wherevirtues such as awareness of responsibility, civil courage, feelings ofobligation, etc, as well as fairness and good sportsmanship, but alsothe abstinence from drug use, are all indispensable principles of thework of the Münchner Schulstiftung and their schools.

Through social projects and appropriate educational actions the socialobligation of the student will be promoted as an active and consciousresponsibility for other people in school, society and community. As aresult of this the political involvement of the students will being stimulated and supported through information, building of contacts andpersonal contact to those in political positions.


Pädagogische Grundsätze

Pedagogical Principles