Our "PA"-Team – Educational Assistance


Our students have been taught and tutored in an all-day rhythmic system according to a two-teacher-system for more than a decade.

A “teacher team” consisting of a subject teacher and an educational assistant works with the children and youngsters from grades 5 through 9. The latter job is done by an “English language assistant” in German-English classes (bilingual).


  • are allocated to one class respectively as contact persons.
  • accompany children and youngsters in every-day school life and extracurricular activities.
  • always lend an ear to students’ scholastic and non-scholastic needs.
  • are reference persons for parents and teachers.
  • support students in becoming responsible, thoughtful and social individuals.
  • assist students to work, study, and do their homework independently in study hall.
  • contribute to the preparation and organization of classes and courses as agreed upon with the teacher.
  • encourage the holistic development of children and youngsters through their presence in core subjects, daily care during lunch recess, and organization of study hall.

The responsibility for class content, teaching methods, and grading rests with the subject teacher.

Head of all-day care: Brigitte Dufour