Along with to our regular language classes in English, French and Latin – and in addition to our new bilingual (German-English) track – we have, of course, much more to offer.


Business English

In order to help our students build more comprehensive English language skills, we now teach Business English as a separate subject in years 9 and 10.
We have developed our own curriculum, whose content corresponds to the main topics of our courses in economics and legal theory. Pupils concentrate on the practical business skills they will need in their future professional lives (e.g. composing business letters, memoranda, notices, reports).
Pupils' performance in this subject is included in the annual school report. Additionally, pupils take part in the "English for Business" exam from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, for which they will receive an internationally recognised certificate.
Our Business English course puts our pupils a step ahead of their competitors when they enter the labour market.



As of school year 2012/13 the Obermenzinger Gymnasium offers a elective course in Spanish!



As of school year 2014/15 we offer the elective course in Chinese, dir. by Moogie Quarcoo.